About Butterflies Aflutter, LLC

The company...
     Oh man, it's been a ride!  In 2013, this company started as Butterflies Aside. It has changed name to Butterflies Aflutter, but is the same thing.  My goal is to provide pretty pretty shiny pretties that bring out folks' inner confidence in their ever-present sparkle.  You are awesome!  Yes, you :)
     Oh!  We have a pretty awesome online community focused on building people up - check us out here: 
The jewelry...

     Every piece is painstakingly hand-crafted to be the perfect addition to your wardrobe, whether that wardrobe be whimsical or conservative.  Boasting many natural materials such as pearls, shells, wooden beads, semi-precious stones, etc, these pieces are unique.  Even I cannot often duplicate something!

     Take a look around - if you have questions/comments/quibbles, please feel free to contact me.  If you have something very specific in mind that you want, take a look at my custom order page.

The writing...(I freelance write too!  Let me know if you need some words penned....er...typed.)

     Ohhhhhh, you just found a little secret hidden in my site - I write too!!  When I was but knee high to a short cricket, I answered with the same thing every time someone asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  "An author!" 


     I love words.  I absolutely adore how these little things we've crafted out of funnily twisted lines carry the power to mold societies, uplift the soul, and fill our minds with knowledge...or simply tell each other what goofy thing our child said that day (ohhhhh, just ask - my kids are full of funny and wit!).   


     My heart's passion is writing.  I am very rarely happier than when set before a blank notebook or document just waiting to be filled with whatever my heart is singing that day, or what someone needs to help them fulfill their dream.  

     Words crafted into amazing pieces of art were my mind-bending/stretching escape as as a child.  You see, I grew up in a log cabin at the intersection of Middle and Nowhere, Alaska.  When the daily tasks of surviving a subsistence lifestyle were complete, I roamed hills and valleys on Mars and Perelandra.  I stood beside Mathias defending our abbey from evil rats.  I shared Anne's horror when her hair dying adventure resulted in green...not the black she wanted.  


The artist / owner / Butterfly Boss Momma...

     Hi, I'm Ellie! I grew up in a log cabin in Alaska, near a little teeny tiny town called Trapper Creek, by "The Mountain" (Denali). Now I'm in Minnesota, where the land is flat and the mosquitoes are thick (seriously, their only redeeming feature is their role as bird food).  

     I have a pit/pointer mix (Koda), kitty (Oscar), three kids, and am in a committed relationship with my man.  When I'm not spending time with them, I create things!

      Beading and reading both kept my constantly buzzing mind occupied as a child.  I could always be found making pretty sparkly things or with my nose buried deep in a book.  Not much has changed. :)

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     Words are my life.  I've read voraciously, reviewed dozens of books for my blog ("Only God Writes Trees"), won writing awards, edited a book, and been on a policy review committee correcting grammar for a mental health agency.  I consume written material like my mind is starving, and write write write.  Someday very soon I will do my part in supporting my family purely through my writing, well - and my jewelry, of course, and I cannot wait to make that dream reality!