Butterfly Parties

*******ANNOUNCEMENT: all in-person parties are currently on hold because of the pandemic. 

All parties are virtual and will be held via a Zoom meeting.*******

Want an excuse to get friends together and hang out online?

Do you want to give some awesome, handmade beaded jewelry pieces a

new home while supporting an individually owned, local small business?  


Do you want to earn some fabulous host/hostess gifts?



Host a Butterfly Party!  


Seriously, these works of art do no one any good tucked away in my storage bin.  



     A Butterfly party is a fun time together with some of your friends online!  

     Have you heard of Zoom?  That, we'll use that!  :)  Super easy.

     We make a Zoom meeting - but we'll call it a party because that's what it is.  You invite your peeps (but not the marshmallow kind...bleh).  I will show up with my shopping link and all the necessary ingredients for some fun!

     For real, though - no one likes those super boring "toss the link at you and go" online things....this is not be like that!!  That is a promise - I've done a lot of these, I know how to make them actually entertaining.  

     Your friends buy stuff.  You earn awesome rewards!!

     To make this happen - contact me, or...

  1. Click the button below to book a time slot - I will contact you within a day or two to discuss the details.

  2. We work together to figure out the necessary details. There will be an active Zoom party time and I will keep taking orders for a few days to get you max rewards!!

  3. You invite people.  The more people you invite, the more they buy, the more money you make (see below)!



  • Butterfly Party hosts receive store credit based on sales. For every $100 spent as part of the party, you get a 15% discount on your next order.  You must submit this order within 30 days.

  • I will: create the Zoom meeting, help you prepare, and have my shopping link ready. And of course, make sure this is fun!

  • You need to: invite people and be available during the active party time.

  • I reserve the right to cancel with little warning due to life being a four letter word. Canceling is a last resort. If either you or I have to do so, we will work together to figure out next steps.


By the way, if you also sell something and want to do a combined party...well that would simply be lovely!


Ready to book a party yet?  

Let me know! 

We are going to have so much fun!