Yep, I've got a few policies.  As always, contact me if you have questions/concerns/quibbles, or simply want to know what my children say the meaning of life is today.  :)



     Under no circumstances will any information you provide on this site or in our interactions be shared with anyone without your express consent.  No selling emails to marketers.  No releasing of personal data.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  


     Yes, oh yes - there will be coupons...because they are awesome and I love them! I use them all the time in my own shopping. You'll get quite a nice one if you subscribe to my email list (click here!!). Various coupon codes will also show up during holidays, special events, or because it is a wonderful day to be alive!


     Of course, coupons will show up in various places. Our Facebook group, for one - click here to join our wonderful little community. You will also get special coupons for being a website member (click here to sign up) or subscribing to the email list. As I said, I love coupons!

Custom Orders

     To place a custom order, please see my custom order page.  These pieces ship within 2-5 business days after they are paid for.  Since they aren't made in advance, I'll need time to make them - but we'll discuss that during the process.



         You pay for pieces from the catalog when you place an order.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, my shop accepts credit/debit cards, as well as PayPal.  If you want to pay via check or money order, please message me directly before placing your order.  I do not accept cash for website orders, but will do so if you are buying something at a show.  

         You pay for custom orders when you have approved the finished piece (see Custom Orders page for more info).



     Right now I can only process orders within the USA - I do not ship internationally...yet!!

     Everything ships within via First Class mail 2-5 business days of payment. Expedited shipping is an option, but there will be an extra fee.  You will receive an email containing tracking information after your package is shipped.   

    For all our sake, please make sure your shipping address is correct and includes any applicable apartment/suite numbers.   Inaccurate addresses result in delayed shipping, and no one wants that.

Returns & Cancellations

     You have three full business days from the date you place the order to cancel for any reason.  If you have already paid and the order has not shipped, I will cancel the order within one business day and issue a refund.  If the order has already shipped, the refund will be issued within two business days after the items are back in my possession.

     After you receive your order, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. To start the return process, contact me ASAP with...

          1) Date you made the order

          2) Your name/address/phone number

          3) The reason for the return.


     All items are carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival. If your treasure arrives in a damaged package and is itself damaged or broken, contact me within 7 days. I will make it right for you!!  To do so I will need:


        1) A photo of the packaging.

        2) A photo of the item itself that clearly shows the damage.


     In some cases, I will file a claim with the shipper for damages. In every case, I will take care of you! Either we will return/replace the piece, or we will figure out how else to make it right.

Warranty & Repairs

     All items are covered by a full 30 day warranty.  If your treasures breaks within 30 days of arrival, contact me so we can discuss either repair or replacement.  If the damage happens more than 30 days from when you received the item, do not despair!  Still contact me.  We will discuss what can be done to fix the item and how much that will cost.  

     When you contact me about a repair, I need to know:

         1) Date you made the order

         2) Your name/address/phone number

         3) The reason for the repair 

         4) Photo showing the damage (if this is not possible, provide a detailed description).


     NOTE: This warranty does not apply to pieces damaged by improper use or storage. 

Oh, and by the way - don't copy my stuff.  Seriously.  It's rude.  Anything on this website, including but not limited to written text, products, etc is mine.  I will take necessary steps if someone copies anything.  If you see someone has, please tell me.  Thank you!