Hey folks!!  Sooooooo, because writing is kind of my thing and I love sharing stuff and news is good and you all are awesome, here is a blog!! Lots of stuff will be shared here, from tips on caring for your items, to what is on my beading tray, to random goodness.  Have an idea for a post?  Wanna write a post?  Let me know!! 


     Comment, like, share - let's build a Butterflies Aflutter community here that is so much bigger than beads!!

     And remember you - you are worthy.  Say it with me: "I am worthy."   See, bet you smiled.  :)

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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Oh my goodness folks, so I'm taking a huge leap here really working on my business - won't you join me? It started a few years ago when I formalized what was "just" a hobby. It was so much more than that though - it was something to keep my brain and hands busy, and to feel at the end of the day like I'd created something and done something.

You see, I was working in a job where I could push a hard day and not see much "progress". At least not ostensibly. I worked with people, helping to guide them towards hope. Sometimes people are fickle and you can push hard with them all day doing all of the work and progress remains hidden (at least for awhile, it took me a long time to get comfortable with the fact that progress is slow....maybe I'm a *tad* impatient). ANYWAYS, I'd come home from a long day and make something to show something visible from my efforts. So pretty sparklies kept leaving my tray and finding their way into folks' homes. Yay!

Then I started running my own small retail business based on a clothing line. Through that a Facebook group community was born that was life-giving and wonderful. Don't worry - we'll do that again, that's one of the next things on my checklist. :) But in that I learned a lot of the ins and outs of running a small business, and learned that I love being my own boss.

My love for writing kept coming out too - in chart documentation notes that were "too long", in jumping on whatever writing project I could find, in editing a friend's book...if I could write, I was all over it.

Before i start rambling too much, let me share some hope with you:

  • I hope you are reminded how valuable YOU really, truly are (because you are).

  • I hope that in the shop you find something you like and it becomes one of the lovely butterflies in your collection.

  • I hope on these pages you find the real, authentic me behind the business.

  • I hope that you find encouragement, inspiration, and community.

  • I hope you will engage with this website - the pieces, the blog, each other, etc.

  • I hope my writing can support the vision of making the world a bit more tolerable, or at least more informed.

  • I hope there is enough coffee left to get me through the morning :P seriously addicted to coffee...I know some of you are too!! Tell me in the comments what your go-to caffeinated drink is? I used to be a barista ;)

That's it for now, folks. I heart you! Time to go figure out the settings on this blog so it doesn't look like a random blob! :) Take good care!!

(Oh yeah, I have a cat! His name is Oscar and he's awesome....when he isn't being a pill!)

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