Hey folks!!  Sooooooo, because writing is kind of my thing and I love sharing stuff and news is good and you all are awesome, here is a blog!! Lots of stuff will be shared here, from tips on caring for your items, to what is on my beading tray, to random goodness.  Have an idea for a post?  Wanna write a post?  Let me know!! 


     Comment, like, share - let's build a Butterflies Aflutter community here that is so much bigger than beads!!

     And remember you - you are worthy.  Say it with me: "I am worthy."   See, bet you smiled.  :)

  • Ellie

Oh boy oh boy oh boy...

This here little website just underwent a MAJOR revision - and a whole new service! Not only do I make jewelry, but I also write....a LOT. And I LOVE it! So now you have access to both aspects of my business. :) Yay!!!

I am so so excited for where this business of mine is going to go! Won't you join me for the journey?

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